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Humanitarian making is happening.

We want to make it happen everywhere, quickly. We're bringing together a network of stakeholders including individuals, enterprises, nonprofits, universities and technology platforms to make quality items where there is acute need. We are uniquely positioned as a neutral advocate of humanitarian making to connect innovators, incumbents, and everyone in between to build a strong community of people and partnerships that move the humanitarian making ecosystem forward.


Our mission is to facilitate a responsive hardware development environment for the purposes of designing, testing and producing humanitarian-use 4A hardware built on the principles of locally manufacturable and open industrial design.


We harness the power of the network

to make quality items where there

is acute need.


Locally Led

Open Collaboration

Make Value


Our members are the heart of Humanitarian Makers.

We exist and operate because of each of our members vision and efforts.


Field Ready's Logo

Field Ready, led by Dr. Eric James, had been an early supporter of Humanitarian Makers (since 2015). Its globally assembled team represents drivers in humanitarian making, pioneering coordinated responsive making efforts in places such as Syria, Jordan, Nepal, Iraq and the Asia-Pacific islands. The following people took this leap of faith in giving their time, energy and ingenuity, since HM’s start, to enable people in crisis to have what they need, when they need it, where they need it.

Alaroub, Hamada

Ali, Rastee

Amireh, Osama

Britton, Ben

Bush, Abi

Butler, Dan

Dotz, Dara

Guidotti, Paige

Hoehne, Georg

James, Eric

James, Laura

Janneh, Eyad

John, Bryn

Johnston, Luke

Lamb, Andrew

Lavdiotis, Tessa

Long, Susan

Lowe, Anna

Mejbel, Layth

Mellors, Mark

Ogunniyi, Ade

Paudel, Bikash

Pradhan, Pradita

Ritzgar, Ravin

Sanfuentes, Vincent

Shamma, Usamah

Thapa, Ram

Van der Vaart, Tom

Wadi, Aziz

Yousif, Saif

In addition to Field Ready, we are grateful for the time and insights shared by many others active in this humanitarian making ecosystem that have been integral to shaping and breathing life into our common vision.  

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