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Wevolver Platform Review

During this MakerNet phase two, one of the areas we’ve been exploring is a collaborative platform(s) for sharing (and finding) designs of useful items, enabling people anywhere to make them. This includes sharing digital design files, instructions, and all the other information that might be needed to reproduce an item, as well as the ability to adapt and improve designs (version control), and for some authorized groups to tag or certify certain items (for instance, that they meet specific requirements or standards, which is important for safety). We have referred to this concept as “Makepedia”.

In this exploration, we identified Wevolver as a platform that may provide a useful way to document hardware designs and enable collaborative design iteration. Wevolver’s mission is: “to enable anyone, anywhere, to develop hardware that improves lives.” Wevolver was founded by Richard Hulskes and Bram Geenen, and my experience with Wevolver was largely supported by Cameron Norris, Community Connector. They are responding to the “societal need for innovation and intrinsic human drive to create.” They do this by enabling decentralized collaboration on hardware projects for both private teams and open communities. This societal need is inherent in